Surreal, Terrifying, Exciting Moment When A Giant Blue Whale Casually Swims Through A Group Of Surfers (VIDEO)

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A giant blue whale surprised a group of surfers who waited on their boards for the waves to arrive on a beach in Dana Point (California, USA), as seen in a video posted on YouTube.

In the recording, obtained with the help of a drone, it is observed how the whale is moving at high speed towards the group of surfers, raising his head out of the water for several seconds.

When the athletes noticed the presence of the whale, they observe it with interest and all stayed in place completely still. One of them even had to swim a few meters to avoid colliding with the animal, which passed very close to him.

“It was completely surreal and very crazy,” said Payton Landaas, the young man who was operating the drone and recorded the insane moment.


Source: ActualidadRT