Man Risks His Life To Save Him From Being Run Over In The Middle Of A Busy Intersection [VIDEO]

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Thousands on Facebook were amazed to see the reaction of the protagonist of the viral video after stopping his vehicle in the middle of the road to save the reptile’s life.

“That man won the applause of everyone.” This was what hundreds of users commented on Facebook, after seeing the touching scene that starred a man after realizing the help he needed a helpless turtle lying in the middle of a busy road.

The unique episode was recorded in a video that has gone viral on and that has already gone around the world, after being broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks.

The images, which already have thousands of views on Facebook, show the exact moment in which the main driver of the clip parks his vehicle on an extensive road and runs quickly to rescue a turtle lying in the middle of the track, in front of dozens of vehicles waiting for the green traffic light to advance.

As seen in the recording viral on Facebook, the young man realizes the distance of the imminent danger of the reptile and runs away to the place where it is to try to rescue him and save him from being hit by other drivers, who are stationed observing the actuate the young person until waiting for the change of traffic light.

But that is not all. After rescuing the turtle, the man the man looks for a place to free the turtle and takes it to a green area where he leaves it safe.

The moving images soon went viral on the networks, causing various reactions and comments from Facebook users, who shared the video, highlighting the noble gesture of man.

“A hero without a cape.” “Very few people have the heart of a hero.” “For more people like that.” These were some of the comments left by Twitter and YouTube users after watching and sharing the recording.

Watch the viral Facebook video:

USA Olympian David Verburg saves a turtle

David Verburg: USA track Olympian … saver of turtles.

Posted by ESPN on Monday, October 29, 2018


Source: La Republica