Shark That Hates Getting Its Picture Taken Approaches A Diver to Destroy Her Camera [VIDEO]

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A woman on a divining excursion in the deep sea was captured in a viral YouTube video the moment a shark confused her camera with food and tried to swallow it completely.

You will not be able to believe what happened. A daring diver lived one of the most terrifying episodes of her many dives after becoming the protagonist of a viral video, which was shared on YouTube, when she was on an exploration and stumbled upon a gigantic white shark in the Australian sea. The incident was a trend in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The viral YouTube recording recorded the encounter between a diver and a huge shark in the deep sea. However, what caused terror was when the animal confused the woman’s camera with food, and without thinking twice, she chose to hit him on the snout in order to scare him away.

The woman was literally ‘frozen’ to see how a shark could have ended her life in a matter of seconds. A ‘punch’ became the quick action the diver used to subdue the powerful animal and dodge its attacks.

It should be noted that a few days ago Jose Petrovich was attacked in the waters of Australia by a white shark that measured approximately 4.5 meters. The moment was captured and the video went viral on YouTube.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “Newsflare” page, which accumulated more than 324 thousand views, 572 shares and 176 comments. “They are very lucky, suddenly the shark was full of food,” “I would say they are very lucky not to be eaten,” users wrote on social networks.


Source: La Republica