A Home Aquarium Fish That Displays The Most Unusual Behaviour Towards Its Human [VIDEO]

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A YouTube video has gone viral since it revealed to us the peculiar behaviour that a fish had. The aquatic being approached a man and asked for a little ‘love’ while taking care of his aquarium.

Thousands of YouTube users have been more than shocked after witnessing a curious video in which a fish reacts in the least expected way, after receiving a touch from a person. The pet had contact with a human for the first time and had an incredible reflex that has become a trend in different social networks of countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The curious clip shared on YouTube revealed to us how the fish insisted that its owner caress his back; However, to the surprise of thousands of users, the aquatic being behaved like a ‘pet’ and did the the craziest thing.

The young man showed a video he recorded that these types of animals can also enjoy affection and human contact, so he posted this video and has become a sensation on YouTube. The reason? The unusual behaviour of this strange fish he experienced.

As you can see in the images shared on YouTube , the man laid his hand on the animal’s back and he responded positively to affection; However, this is not all since he also insisted that the subject continue to caress him in the belly.

The peculiar scene has aroused tenderness on YouTube, a social network in which this video has exploded in views and all kinds of comments. 

Watch the YouTube viral video


Source: La Republica