The Surrealism Of Greta Thunberg: Set Sail For Madrid By Catamaran

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The young activist begins her journey to Spain, accompanied by a family of Australian youtubers.

Greta Thunberg will arrive in Madrid by catamaran. Although the fact that the environmentalist girl has a destination that has no sea seems surreal, Thunberg has chosen this vessel with the aim of not polluting.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez has already offered to help the Swedish activist cross the Atlantic, because she refuses to catch a plane to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) to be held in Madrid after the resignation of the Chilean Government.

But it seems that, for the time being, the help that the Socialists intended to grant with the money of all taxpayers has not been needed. The catamaran has been loaned to Greta Thunberg by a couple of wealthy Australians, who sail around the world and show their experiences on a YouTube channel: Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu.

“I’m glad to announce that I hope to arrive at COP25 in Madrid,” Thunberg, 16, said on Twitter.

This Wednesday, the boat, La Vagabonde, has departed with all three from the US port of Hampton (on the east coast of the United States), accompanied by the English sailor Nikki Henderson and Lenny, the 11-month-old baby of the Australian couple.

“It has been a spontaneous decision to move our house to the other side of the ocean, but we love Europe, so we look forward to a green broth on arrival,” Elayna said on her Instagram account, implying that the port of arrival it will be in Portugal, although we do not know what non-polluting method of transport they will choose later to reach the Spanish capital.

They tell their journey on the high seas through Youtube

Young Australians, aged 32 and 26 respectively, have become famous through their YouTube videos , a platform where they have more than 1,170,000 subscribers and in which they document their sailing trips around the globe.

“We have suffered terrifying storms, scares with pirates, economic bankruptcies, equipment failures, water shortages and other interesting mishaps, but we would not change life at sea and go where the wind takes us for nothing,” says the couple on their page web, which also states that they lacked “previous browsing experience” before embarking on their adventure.

The adventure began in 2013, when Riley bought the catamaran for 100,000 Australian dollars (62,000 euros or 68,000 US dollars) from three Italian businessmen with the savings he had earned over eight years of work on oil rigs and mines from Western Australia, according to its website.

Over the years, the young family’s YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde , has only grown and donations from thousands of followers on the Patreon platform contribute to financing their travels around the world.


Source: LibreMercado