Policewoman Has A Near “Heart Attack” When This Jumps Out Of A Man’s Pocket During A Search (VIDEO)

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The agent reacted with a shout and was visibly startled, although she soon recovered and took the situation with humour.

An officer from the city of Chico (California, USA) got a big scare while searching a man in the street when a lizard jumped unexpectedly from the subject’s clothes.

The video of the moment, published by the Police Department itself last Sunday, has already received more than 43,000 views. ” Attack of lizards! Another day on patrol,” says the publication.

In the images you can see the startle of the agent who shouts when he discovers the reptile, but then he recomposes and recriminates the man with humour. ” You’ve given me a heart attack, that’s not funny! ” Exclaimed the uniformed woman with laughter and asked if she had any other “sinister creature” on top.

The owner of the reptile repeatedly apologized and said he “forgot” that he was taking him there.

The police did not detail the reason for the arrest, although among the things that the troops extract from the pockets of the suspect is what looks like a bottle of alcohol.


Source: ActualidadRT