They Are In Contact With A Huge Fierce Reptile And Record The Terrifying Encounter [VIDEO]

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This video is viral on YouTube. The man approached the reptile dangerously and quickly took out his camera to take a close picture. The outcome has surprised everyone.

“Movie!” This is how several YouTube users rated the spooky video that a diver shared and has left more than one with the creeps, showing his impressive encounter with an American crocodile, whose bite is considered the strongest on the planet.

The unusual event was recorded in an impressive recording that has gone viral on YouTube, and that has already been considered as one of the most amazing viral videos of the year by Internet users.

The images, which already have thousands of views on YouTube, show the exact moment when the daring diver notices the huge animal and approaches it with his camera to take some close-up pictures, even though the crocodile begins to open its jaws as a sign of threat.

In the viral video on YouTube, you see the daredevil diver coming dangerously close to the reptile , while it remains with its open jaws showing its huge fangs. As if that weren’t enough, once he bumps into the dangerous animal, the man stays swimming next to him for several seconds, then places himself in front of him and takes a picture of his open jaws.

The images soon went viral on the networks, unleashing various reactions and comments from YouTube users , who described the diver’s feat as “incredible.”

Watch the viral video:


Source: La Republica