Man Enters River To Capture A Gigantic Creature, It Doesn’t Go As Planned [VIDEO]

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He was shocked. Jeremy Wade, the famous ‘River Monsters’ driver went viral on YouTube after entering a dangerous river to capture one of the biggest creatures.

You have to see it. Great shock is what has created a viral video on YouTube that has been shared pro account Discovery Channel , the famous fisherman biologist Jeremy Wade travelled to Romania to capture one of the largest river fish; However, what he got left him surprised. These images have generated various comments from lovers of river creatures .

Jeremy Wade is the host of the program ‘River Monsters’, also known as ‘ River Monsters ‘, who arrived in Romania for a new adventure that has been shared on YouTube.

As you can see in the viral YouTube video , Jeremy entered a river “in good condition” in the area, where he met a veteran fisherman. Both left a trap in the depths of the water.

The next day, the fishermen returned to check the inside of the net and found nothing. The host of the Discovery Channel program wanted to catch the spooky animal, ‘beluga sturgeon’, but failed to find it.

The man who accompanied Jeremy Wade commented that over the years, the number of fish in Romania has decreased due to excessive fishing, which has made the fish disappear.

What he actually wanted to catch:


Source: La Republica