A Group Of Orcas Harass White Sharks Near The South African Coast (VIDEO)

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A video featuring several killer whales (Orcinus orca) chasing white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias), the most fearsome predators of the ocean, was obtained by the conservationist of sharks Elton Polly and posted on Facebook by the conservation organization Oceans Research based in Mossel Bay.

The meeting took place near the coasts of the South African province of Western Cape, on Seal Island, a small rocky island that houses a colony of about 3,000 sea seals.

“Killer whales are seen chasing a white shark, and some other sharks were close at that time. One seems to be nervous about the presence of killer whales, although another did not seem too disturbed,” says Oceans Research on his Facebook account.

Recent research suggests that when killer whales appear in areas where sharks usually hunt, the number of sharks begins to shrink, says Science Alert.

Several white sharks have appeared dead lately on the shores of the Western Cape province. Their bodies had killer whale bites and, interestingly, they had no liver: a delight full of calories.

To date, no cases of death of humans attacked by killer whales have been documented.


Source: Actualidad RT

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