Police Save A Puppy That Fell Into An Irrigation Canal In Piura Peru [VIDEO AND PHOTO]

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Diffused images of the puppy rescue in Piura shocked its citizens.

A member of the National Police of Peru (PNP), risked his life to help a puppy that fell in the Biaggio Arbulú irrigation canal in Piura. In the video you see the little animal who swims desperately and tries to climb several times through the steep block of the irrigation canal.

Neighbors alerted the police officers of the Castilla, Piura Police Station about the incident and thus be able to save the puppy. The SS PNP Teodoro Cáceda, arrived at the place to be able to rescue the puppy that was very tired. With a makeshift net rope he took the puppy from a paw and managed to rescue him from the waters.

People in social networks shared some videos and photos of the noble human act. They also applauded and thanked the police for cash: “Huge human gesture,” “worthy of applauding,” and “police of the week,” were some of the qualifications on Facebook and Twitter.

Here we leave you a video that the National Police of Peru itself published on the rescue of the dog.

A puppy that had fallen into a irrigated canal was helped by our police officers, being alerted by the neighbours. 


Source: El Popular