They Witness A Hungry Crocodile Devouring A Live Fish As Big As Its Own Head (VIDEO)

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The shocking images were shared by the Kruger National Park (South Africa) on YouTube.

A hungry crocodile sought to satisfy his hunger by devouring a huge fish equal to the size of its own head. The amazing images are on YouTube and quickly went viral.

In the clip you can see how the huge dangerous reptile of more than three and a half meters long is about to swallow the whole fish that struggles to free itself from the jaw of its predator.

Finally, the crocodile finishes eating it and submerges itself again. This video has more than 11 thousand reproductions in the network and various reactions of Internet users who are surprised by the strong images.

Crocodiles are predators that can feed on a wide range of large vertebrates, but most of their diet consists of fish and minor vertebrates.

Watch the viral YouTube video here.


Source: Mag el Comercio