This Beautiful Creature Plays Fetch Like A Puppy With A Man In The Ocean Near The South Pole (VIDEO)

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A beautiful beluga plays like a puppy, and brings the ball back to rugby fans.

The animal returns the ball to the owner with the intention of following the flow. The video exceeds one and a half million views.

A group of friends travelling aboard a boat near the South Pole got an exciting surprise after the visit of the beluga. Seeing her acting playful, one of the men decided to throw a rugby ball to see its reaction.

As if it were a dog when a ball is thrown at him, this animal swam to where the ball was and brought it back to the the small boat. In addition, he grabbed it with his mouth and handed it to the man.

Before the astonished gaze of the other crew, the owner of the ball returned to throw it to verify that it was not by pure chance and managed to verify that the beluga seemed to want to make friends.

The intelligence of these animals is not surprising, since there have been cases such as that of a beluga who stole the GoPro from a tourist and, after swimming down deeply, he grabbed it and returned it her.

There is also the report of another who rescued the cell phone of a woman who had unintentionally dropped it into the ocean.

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Source: Noticias CaracolTV