Strange Fish With A Human Face Emerges From The Water And Spooks A Tourist In China [VIDEO]

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Many viewers on Facebook were shocked to see the viral video that reveals the identity of the fish that emerged from the water to eat.

Through Facebook, a video was shared that has gone viral and has terrified thousands of users, as it shows the moment when a tourist who was walking on the edge of a river in China ran into a strange-looking fish. The chilling recording quickly became a trend in different social networks, especially in countries such as Mexico, the United States and Canada.

“Look, the fish has become a fairy, it has a human face,” said the author of the Facebook viral video after seeing the appearance of the strange creature that was found in China.

As you can see in the viral Facebook video the mysterious animal had the marks very similar to the eyes, nose and mouth of a human. According to fish farmers, the fish is actually a type of carp.

Users, when seeing the appearance of the creature did not hesitate to share their comments, where they wrote different comments about the funny fish that has gone viral on Facebook and other social networks.

“How horrible,” “It’s the human fish,” “There’s no doubt it’s a humanoid creature,” “How terrifying,” are some of the messages shared by Facebook users.

If you want to see the look of great fish watch the viral video of Facebook here…


Fish Is Spotted With Human Face

A rare and unusual creature with a human-like face was spotted in the waters…🐟😱

Posted by UNILAD on Friday, November 8, 2019


Source: La Republica