They Were Too Late To Save Its Life But Weren’t About To Let Him Keep It (VIDEO)

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The battle made it clear that mammals are not easy prey for a jungle predator like the jaguar. The video went viral on YouTube.

A shocking scene in the middle of the jungle was captured and uploaded to YouTube, by a group on Safari. These wild animals were fighting until death and it was giant otters who left the cat to pay.

The viral video shared on YouTube shows how the jaguar held a baby otter. The cat dominated the prey, but when it seemed that it would have the food ready, something unexpected happened.

The large otters that were in the river jumped in an epic way and managed to attack the jaguar, who resumed his place on the surface without his little victim.

Although the untamed animal tried to mutilate its attackers, the otters were filled with courage and rage could respond in the best way to prevent the adorable creature from becoming the jaguar’s dinner.

It was clear that nothing is said, especially in the jungle. Although the cat had everything served, his unexpected aggressors could avoid what was already a tragedy for them, because the baby otter, unfortunately, was killed when the carnivore bit her neck to try to devour her.

The video was captured in Mato Grosso, Brazil when a group of people were in full safari west of the largest country in South America.


Source: La Republica