Beautiful Brazilian Making A Sexy Beach Video For Social Media And Then It Happened (VIDEO)

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A swimmer caused a sensation on YouTube and other networks because of her particular way of entering the ocean water on a Brazilian beach. The video is viral and here we show it to you.

Was it necessary to expose yourself like this? Comments of all kinds generated among YouTube users in a viral video that shows a woman putting into practice a risky way to enter the sea to take a refreshing dip.

In the YouTube video, recorded on November 3 on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, you can see, at first, a young woman is walking quietly along the shore recording a video along the shore of the beach.

Suddenly, and after a few seconds into the video, another woman enters the scene in an unorthodox way and just off the shore she makes a spectacular somersault, surely to show everyone present that she was very excited to take a dip in carioca beach.

What catches the attention of the YouTube viral video is that the woman did such a stunt in a shallow area, so it is likely that a painful blow occurred when she fell on her back into the water.

“My cousin was trying to make a video for her social networks when this woman did a somersault in shallow water,” says the description of the YouTube video, shared by the ViralHog channel.


Source: mag el comercio