They Find A Missing Mans Hand With Wedding Band Inside Captured Shark During Its Autopsy (IMAGES)

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It was the man’s wedding ring that allowed identification. History went viral on social networks.

An autopsy on a shark determined that a tourist, who had disappeared a few days ago, had been devoured on the French island Reunion. His hand was found in perfect condition inside the shark. What facilitated his identification was that on one of his fingers was his wedding ring. 

The man, originally from Scotland, disappeared last Saturday while diving at Hermitage Lagoon, a beach near the resort where he was staying with his wife. The hours passed and the subject did not return. His story was published on Facebook and went viral.

“When he did not return, his wife turned on the alarms and began a full search, with boats and a helicopter. The divers searched around a coral reef in the area, and there were also patrols on land with tracking dogs. Unfortunately, the man could not be found, “ said a local source as reported by Daily Mail.

Earlier this week, a tiger shark was captured by authorities near a tourist area to prevent accidents or attacks. To his surprise when performing the autopsy and finding inside a hand with the wedding ring of the man they were looking for.

Investigators offered evidence of the remains found to compare them with the victim’s DNA; however, they were told that the man’s wife was satisfied with the identification of the ring. 

The paradisiacal island Reunion has been in trouble because of the increased presence of sharks on its coasts. This forced the authorities to carry out campaigns to try to alert visitors.

Such is the seriousness of the matter that during a visit to Reunion last month, French President Emmanuel Macron said his government was doing everything possible to deal with the shark crisis.

They Find A Hand With Wedding Band Inside Captured Shark During Its Autopsy


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