The Many Myths Of The Bermuda Triangle

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We could not stop satisfying the wishes of many of our readers, eager for information about the famous Triangle. The Internet is full of searches about the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes in this immense maritime surface located between the vertices of Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale, -in Florida-, and the Bermuda archipelago. More than 1.1 million square kilometers of ocean.

Allegedly, in this area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean there have been numerous disappearances of airplanes and ships. Unexplained and strange disappearances, moreover, explainable by supernatural causes or linked to extraterrestrials, UFOs, UFOs, etc … A legion of writers, social gatherings, apostles, Scientologists and other hallucinated, – and exploited -, have cultivated the myth, seeking the Penguins benefits that have always produced the mysterious, mystical and supernatural.

Recently some scientific articles have explained certain “disappearances” and strange accidents of the Bermuda triangle and other areas of the world. The Triangle area seems to have some volcanic activity so methane emissions could occur from methane hydrates from the seabed. This gas causes the density of water and air to change. At sea, it could modify the buoyancy of ships, causing subsidence. Highly concentrated, in the air, could cause the combustion and reaction engines to malfunction by modifying the oxygen rate and could also alter the data of the measuring devices. In this way, the altimeters could indicate excessive heights which would cause the pilots to descend, causing them to crash into the sea.

To all this are added the studies that demonstrate the existence of giant waves, responsible for the sinking of many ships in all the oceans. These monster waves that were believed to be extremely rare, apparently, are not so rare.

In any case, the myths continue in our mind feeding the imagination and interest in discovering the world around us and the one we do not know. The mythical explanations of reality often give a pinch of salt to our monotonous truth. However, we cannot close our eyes and continue to sectarians driven mad by the brightness of dollars, euros and other currencies. That we cannot explain something does not mean that the explanation does not exist, it simply means that we do not know it yet.

The Many Myths Of The Bermuda Triangle


Source: ElSiglo