Mexican Pirates: The Thieves Carried Long Weapons And A Bad Attitude

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How will the insecurity in Mexico be that even on the high seas, one cannot be at peace. This week, modern pirates – in boats, with guns and all the faramalla – assaulted the workers of an oil platform in Tabasco. A good number of specialized tools and equipment were also taken.

The photo above is from a Tom Hanks movie, but imagine the identical scene.

Everything happened around 9 p.m. on Monday, November 4. The Mexican pirates arrived at the Independencia oil platform, owned by Grupo Carso, to bring down all the workers who were there. According to La Jornada, they did not hesitate to empty their cartridges to threaten the employees.

They arrived in boats with outboard motor and took advantage of the darkness to climb the platform by the stairs. 

Already on the deck, they began to threaten the workers and managed to capture some. Meanwhile, the platform’s top managers informed all other personnel that they were under attack. “Through the loudspeaker, the captain asked not to leave while the authorities of the Navy Secretariat arrived. The detonations generated fear in personnel from nearby platforms, ”  said a witness interviewed by La Jornada

A few minutes later – and after taking the food – the modern pirates left the place.

Half an hour later, the Secretary of the Navy arrived to secure the area and begin the first investigations of this curious robbery where no wounded are reported, just frightened. The platform, located about an hour from Paraíso, Tabasco, is so modern that it was already automatically elevated to protect employees in what investigations are carried out, they will not want to return.

Mexican Pirates: The Thieves Carried Long Weapons And A Bad Attitude

This is the platform that was assaulted in Tabasco // Photo: Grupo Carso


Mexican Pirates The Thieves Carried Long Weapons And A Bad Attitude1

This is the platform that was assaulted by pirates in Tabasco // Photo: Grupo Carso


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