The Two Most Unlikely Creatures Have An Encounter At Sea And The Outcome Is Shocking [VIDEO]

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On YouTube there is an adorable moment when a cat was travelling by boat went viral and ran into a unique dolphin.

Via YouTube, a cat starred in a video that hours after its publication became viral, because its images show the moment it encounters a unique dolphin in the middle of the ocean.

The publication of YouTube became a ‘trend’ in social networks of different countries, such as Mexico, Canada and the United States. “I never imagined that the encounter between a cat and a dolphin concludes in this way,” said one user.

Likewise, the YouTube post allows us to appreciate that on a day where the sun and the sea are part of a favourite context to enjoy a day at the beach, a family that had been travelling in a boat carried a bold cat.

The kitten, who became the main star of the viral video of YouTube who meets and reacts to a dolphin in an unexpected way.

It happens that when the cat distinguished the dolphin he approached it without fear that he could get killed and was encouraged to touch the dolphin’s head. However, far from what thousands of YouTube users thought, the marine animal very gently accepted the caresses from his new furry friend.

Even the little cat was encouraged to place his head very close to the jaws of the dolphin, receiving a ‘kiss’ that left everyone watching speechless. The viral video of YouTube has more than 500 thousand reproductions, also adds hundreds of comments and 158 thousand comments.

“Enough Internet for today”. “Animals show us once again that they are the most compassionate beings on the planet,” were some of the comments in the YouTube post.


Source: La Republica