Divers Scared To Death When A Huge Mouth Full Of Teeth Bites The Cage They Are Inside [VIDEO]

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On YouTube, viral video shows the moments of dread that some people lived while they were submerged in the sea.

A video spread on YouTube has gone viral and has terrified thousands of users, as it shows the chilling moment when a furious white shark attacked a cage that was inside divers. The unusual clip soon became a trend in different social networks.

It was one of the divers who was able to register the unusual fact where the shark hits the cage, and then publish it on his YouTube account, and receive surprise samples from thousands of Internet users.

As reported by RT, the viral video of YouTube, was recorded on October 30 in the Neptune Islands, in southern Australia. The publication shows the shark nothing in the direction of the metal box when it had a bait between its jaws, allegedly launched for divers to capture their behaviour.

However, what the people did not predict was that the violence with which the white shark caught the bait was so great that it ended up crashing loudly against the metal cage, causing the screams of the divers.

For the peace of mind of those involved, the lethal predator immediately retired after colliding with the metal cage, as seen in the viral video. “I don’t know how he would have reacted if that happened to me,” “I saw it and it was I who screamed in fear,” they commented on YouTube.

Likewise, the Neptune Islands, Australia, are recognized as the white shark habitat, whose measure is estimated at 6 meters in length. The aforementioned place has become very popular among tourists looking to get to know these furious animals closely.


Source: La Republica