Fishermen Save An Exhausted Animal From Certain Drowning Five Miles From Shore

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Three Americans working on a lobster fishing boat came to the rescue of a drifting deer off the coast of Maine.

It was aboard the Warren Dorr boat that the group of fishermen saw the beast in distress, south of Nash Island, five miles (8 km) from the US east coast on Monday.

Dorr also wrote on Facebook, immediately after the rescue: “I could not let the poor beast suffer and it drowns, so we pulled it on board and sailed for half an hour to go to the beach. “

The captain of the 32-foot fishing boat received hundreds of comments to congratulate him on his handsome gesture.

His co-worker Jared Thaxter, for his part, recounted the men’s way of helping the deer.

He told ABC News in an interview that the group had had to turn around the animal a few times before they could hook it.

“Then we took him by the woods and one or two legs, and he was pulled on board,” he said.

Once the beast in the boat, they gave him space and let her rest.

Thaxter was also moved to see the deer touching the ground.

We do not understand what he was doing eight kilometers from the water’s edge …


Source: Le Sac de Chips