Never Did This Woman Ever Imagine She Would Experience This While Diving In The Ocean (VIDEO)

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Amazing. A viral video shared on YouTube reveals the unusual reaction of a huge humpback whale to see a woman touch her young.

On YouTube a viral video was published showing the moment that a woman had when she went to dive in the sea and got to to touch a baby humpback whale, without imagining that the babies mother would have an unexpected reaction. The clip quickly became a trend in social networks surprising thousands of viewers from Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The Californian woman, Charmian Redwood, 68, went on an excursion to dive in the ocean and to hopefully get to see sea creatures that lived there, without suspecting the magical moment she would experience when she saw two huge whales.

The woman recorded the once in a lifetime moment in which a gigantic whale who swam next to her young was heading towards where she was because they wanted to play.

As seen in the viral video posted on YouTube, Redwood manages to actually touch the baby who then swims away to go behind two dolphins with whom also wanted to have a good time being with everyone.

The two-week-old humpback whale captivated thousands of YouTube users and various social networks where the clip was shared, surpassing 58,000 views.

It should be noted that these animals can reach 16 meters in length and weigh more than 36 thousand kilograms. Due to its hunting, its population decreased by 90%, until in 1966 its hunting was regularized and now there are more than 80 thousand around the world.


Source: La Republica