I Wish I Had The Self Control Of A Dolphin When It Comes To Making Food Decisions (VIDEO)

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The images of the mammal popularized on Twitter have brought more than a smile to the users on social networks.

A funny video posted on Twitter has given viewers more than a laugh and has captivated thousands of Internet users in the social networks of Mexico, the United States and Canada for the reaction of a dolphin when its caregiver showed him various food options.

In the images, which have been viralized in minutes on Twitter, it is seen that a man shows the mammal various types of food such as chips, a hamburger, and a burrito, which are rejected with a movement of shaking his head no.

Everything changes, when the same individual shows him a piece of fish, captivating the predator who apparently rejoices and makes head movements shaking his head up and down for YES!! The viewers of the video were captivated that has made it have more than 2.4 million views on Twitter.

In the images on Twitter, it has been shown that aquatic animals carefully select the food they eat, preferring to eat fish rich in energy and ignoring other junk foods of lower quality.




Source: La Republica