Man Lies On The Ground Next To Huge Reptile And The Outcome Is Shocking (VIDEO)

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A viral video was shared on YouTube that reveals the moment in which a man lies beside a huge reptile and talks to him.

The huge reptile had an unusual reaction to a man lying beside him, that moved thousands of Internet users on social networks, especially Internet users in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Paul Bedard, an experienced animal rescuer, had a strange encounter with a huge alligator, who was lying on the grass in the animal enclosure in the United States.

The daring man spoke to the camera as he lay down next to the huge reptile, which had one eye open. “You know what? I have heard that alligators have cold blood and that they cannot be trusted. Personally, I don’t believe it. I trust you 100%, ” he is heard saying.

Then, Paul added a little humour to the dangerous situation. “ I don’t look handsome, why not? I bet your other eye is open and you are just pretending I’m not here,” he said.

The huge alligator remained motionless listening to what his caregiver told him, without trying to attack him. Apparently, Paul has taken care of him since he was very young and felt safe by his side.

Thousands of YouTube users were surprised to see the viral video and shared it on their social networks.


Source: La Republica

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