Father Desperately Tries To Save His Baby After Family Car Crashes And Falls Into A River (VIDEO)

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Desperate measures of a father who did the impossible to save his infant son, but his drastic measure to prevent the child from drowning almost ends in tragedy. The event has gone viral on YouTube.

Shocking images from YouTube have devastated hundreds of Internet users across the world, revealing the dramatic moment that a father made after taking a drastic measure to save the life of his little son, after the car in which he was travelling with his family crashed and fell into a river. The shocking outcome of the desperate action of the man has left more than one with the sadness.

The event was recorded by one of the onlookers who witnessed the accident, who shared the recording on YouTube and other networks.

The terrible scene took place in Niwari, India, when a family vehicle fell into a river after hitting a motorcycle taxi on a road. In the images, which already have more than 200,000 views on YouTube, you can see the moment when the vehicle, where the family was travelling, crashes into the motorcycle and falls into the water alarming the passengers of the other vehicles, who rush immediately to offer help to the family.

As seen in the recording viral on YouTube, the desperate parent climbs out of the window of the car before it ends up sinking completely and with great effort brings his young son out of the vehicle and then throws him towards two men sitting on the edge of the bridge, stretching their arms out waiting to catch the child.

Despite the fathers great effort to save his son’s life, the desperate measure is unsuccessful and he puts the child in even greater danger. The video on YouTube shows the horrible moment the father tosses his son at a distance of about three meters, but his son does not reach the hands of rescuers, but falls into the water alarming the dad himself and the two men, who jumps into the water and swims quickly from the vehicle to help the child.

The family was eventually all rescued and taken to the hospital.

Watch the viral video:

“A father tried to throw his son to safety after the family vehicle crashed and fell off a narrow bridge into the water. Observe the chaotic moment when the child falls short of the stone bridge and the spectators jump to help with the rescue,” reads the description of the video that has caused various reactions and comments from YouTube users.


Source: La Republica