Feisty Tiny Pup Scares The Crap Out Of A Group Of Huge Sea Mammals (Hilarious VIDEO)

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YouTube viral video shows the hilarious moment in which a dog lunges at a group of sea lions without knowing that this would be the most dangerous thing he would have done in his life.

In this video that went viral through YouTube we can see how this little dog, very bravely, faced a group of sea lions in their natural habitat without knowing that these animals would take a completely unexpected reaction that perplexed the owner of the dog who just watched his pet in action.

It happens that the man was sailing in the ocean in a small boat in which he advanced through the calm water towards a rock full of the huge sea lions and the most excited was his small dog that seemed to want to hop off the boat at any moment.

The emotion that broke the dog was portrayed in this video from YouTube because when they passed the giant rock, a group of sea lions were resting until they saw the boat and began making noise, it is here that left the defending puppy to deal with these animals.

The dog began to bark fiercely but when he saw that there was no reaction of the sea lions, he chose to jump from the boat to the rock and continue with his powerful barking that instead of making the animals attack him, they jump into the water completely scared of the load brave little dog.


Calma firulais… Nooo🐕 😂😂👇👇👇

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Source: Mag El Comercio