A Fierce Confrontration Between A Serpent And Reptile Has An Incredibly Shocking Ending (VIDEO)

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A viral video shared on YouTube reveals the exact moment when a hungry snake attacks a defenseless turtle, without imagining that it would end up losing the battle.

Amazing. On YouTube it was shared a viral video showing a hungry snake fighting a turtle, whose ending impacted thousands of viewers in Mexico, Canada and the United States. It was a young man that managed to capture how the reptile in its shell seemed to have lost the battle, but the opposite happened. The clip became a trend in several social networks. 

A young man got a tremendous surprise when diving at a nature reserve in the United States. The man never imagined that he would run into an incredible battle of reptiles.

As you can see in the viral video shared on YouTube, he captured how a snake attacked a turtle and up having a having his head inside the turtles shell.

The turtle had retracted its head to fend off the deadly snake, causing it to fall into a deadly trap. Inside, the turtle bit the snake to kill it.

After a few moments of tense dispute, the snake moves its body quickly from side to side trying to get away, a goal that it achieves and flees quickly leaving the turtle on its side.

Thousands of Internet users on YouTube were speechless with the incredible confrontation between both reptiles, because the fights between these two animals are not very common.


Source: La Republica