Pure Evilness As He Purposely Runs Over Defensless Animal Multiple Times With A Jet Ski (WARNING SENSITIVE VIDEO)

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Outrageous! Thousands of Facebook users were enraged with the protagonist of the viral video after being caught running over a dog that swam in the river.

A viral video shared on Facebook shows the precise moment in which a man rammed a helpless dog several times. The events occurred in the San Nicolás de los Arroyos river, in Argentina. The images show how the animal fights for its life after being hit by the jet ski that the protagonist of the clip was driving.

This publication has been exposed by the journalist of the TV Chronicle Hernán Lirio, who made his complaint through his Twitter account. After a few hours, the outraged video went viral on Facebook.

According to the publication made by the journalist Hernán Lirio on social networks, the guy would be Adrian Leguizamon, a man who mercilessly tortured a helpless dog that swam in a river in Argentina.

“What a shame that people are hurting an innocent angel, please do justice,” “We must denounce,” “It is not possible that the person recording does nothing,” were some of the messages that users wrote from Twitter.

The viral publication in social networks such as Facebook already has more than 3,000 reactions and has been shared by 10,000,000 users, who want justice for the brutal act committed by the evilness of this person.

We share some images of the viral video of TWITTER that shows the moment when a man from Argentina mercilessly runs over a dog. 




The twitter post reads:

This SON OF BITCH is from San Nicolas de los Arroyos. His name is Adrian Leguizamon, they call him pumpkin. If you know him, let him know that many people want to do the same thing he did to the dog. PEOPLE SO DESERVE THE WORST.


Source: La Republica

  1. You people that have money to travel there or People who live there should find the guy and deliver justice. Because the law Will not do it. And if nobody does it, than u are all Cowards

  2. I’m praying for God to do something like this immediately! Because this problem is getting Rapidly Worse and Worse. Something drastic needs to be done NOW!

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