He Was Diving In The Ocean With Limited Visibility And It Appeared Out Of Nowhere (VIDEO)

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A great white shark surprises a diver and scares him to death!

The diver was submerged in the deep sea when he came face to face with a great white shark.

A great white shark has caught the diver by complete surprise. This scary encounter has been shared through a video on Instagram.

In the recording the very low visibility was part of the reason the man was shocked to death when I giant shark swims right up to him, a factor that could be the one that prevented the diver from seeing the white shark approaching. The event took place in Russia, according to the newspaper ‘Zócalo’.

The shark continued to swim up to the terrified diver a few more times. Even when he swam immediately to the surface and was calling out to his friend. 

Far from being scared, the shark curiously inspects the human without eagerness to attack him. Undoubtedly, bumping into one of the most feared marine species on the planet gave him a death scare.

The Instagram profile @creatures_of_the_deep_ shared the moment from his account and accompanied him wishing a “Happy Halloween!” to his followers.


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😱 Happy Halloween From The Bottom of The Sea! 🦈 🎃 Video courtesy of @gopro FOLLOW us @creatures_of_the_deep_ for more like this! In a scene straight out of a horror movie, a diver finds humans face-to-face with one of the most feared creatures in the planet! When you are in the water, visibility is rarely such that you can see that far. That allowed the shark to ambush this diver! Thankfully, despite this being terrifying for us humans, the shark was not interested in attacking him. The body language of the shark was that of curiosity, bumping and investigating the unfamiliar thing, rather than attacking a perceived prey. Still, even with that knowledge, looking down into the depths and seeing a Great White is definitely unnerving! Happy Halloween!

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