Jellyfish Gets Caught Up In A Huge Bubble Ring Its Reaction Is Simply Incredible (VIDEO)

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On Facebook, a post that demonstrates the unexpected reaction of the sea creature to “face” a bubble ring went viral.

He showed that fun is a universal language that does not differentiate the species. On Facebook a peculiar video starred by a ‘playful’ jellyfish that was captured at the precise moment in which it plays with a bubble went viral .

According to the specialists, jellyfish, also known as malaguas or sea ​​tears , are marine animals that belong to the Cnidaria edge. Its bell shape is one of the characteristics for which it has become famous in the popular ideology.

Also, thanks to stories, movies or other works, a belief about these animals has been erected as peaceful and almost indifferent, unlike the rest of the creatures that live in the sea.

Precisely, a recent YouTube post shows the moment when a man encounters a jellyfish and does not skimp on placing himself below the animal to unexpectedly throw a bubble.

Subsequently, the bubble travels a direct path to the jellyfish and they both come to ‘collide’, however, what caught the attention of thousands of Facebook users, was the way the animal plays and can even be seen in the viral video that he turns several times around the pomp.

The unexpected movements of the jellyfish generated great admiration on YouTube, where thousands of Internet users showed their fascination with the way the creature ‘faced’ the bubble.

“I think that with this I saw everything on the Internet . A jellyfish playing somersaults. ” “I love the way the animal faces the bubble,” were some of the comments from users on Facebook .


Watch the YouTube video here:


Source: La Republica