They Rescued A 66 Year Old Man Who’s Kayak Turned Upside Down In The Ocean (VIDEO)

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Argentine Naval personnel rescued a 66-year-old kayaker 200 meters off the coast of Mar del Plata, after the boat that he was sailing in turned upside down.

The mans rescuers returned him safely to land. He suffered no serious injuries.

The accident happened Thursday afternoon about 200 meters off the coast and the kayaker approached a boat asking for help because he was unable to return to the shore by his own means.

For the rescue operation, two jet skis were used with professional swimmers who quickly got the man to the shore.

The man was transferred to the General Interzonal Hospital of Agudos (HIGA) where he was treated and found that he had no injuries or serious injuries, so he recovering well and will be fine.

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Source: la capital mdp