Three People Are Dead After A Fishing Vessel Accident Near Arica Chile (VIDEO)

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For reasons under investigation, the fishing vessel “Odysseus” overturned while doing its work, 4 miles west of Las Machas beach, Arica.

At 7:30 am this morning, the Maritime Government of Arica received the emergency call, indicating that three crew members were trapped under cover, so the LPM-4404 maritime patrol boat was dispatched immediately with a nurse and two divers rescue.

As reported by the Arica Maritime Government, Commander Francisco Aguirre, of the 9 crew members, 6 had already left the ship by their own means, while the naval personnel proceeded to perform rescue maneuvers to the other 3 around from 08:45 hours all with cardiorespiratory arrest.

A little more than 15 minutes later, the naval unit arrived at the port, where the fishermen were immediately attended by SAMU personnel and transferred to the Regional Hospital, finding the unfortunate death of the three workers.

According to the assistant care management director of the Arica Health Service, Dr. Luis Vásquez Marty, the other 6 individuals who entered the Regional Hospital are being evaluated with minor injuries, but still under study.


Source: InfoGate