An 11-Year-Old Girl Jumps On A Crocodile And Rips Its Eyes Out To Save Her Friend Who Was In Its Mouth

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The animal kept a hand and a leg of Latoya Muwani between its teeth before being rescued. The minor suffered minor injuries.

An 11-year-old girl starred in an impressive act of bravery by fighting a crocodile by jumping on its back and tearing its eyes out to save her friend who had been captured by the reptilereports  The Sunday News.

The incident took place last week in Zimbabwe, when Rebecca Munkombwe heard the screams of her 9-year-old friend, Latoya Muwani, who was being attacked by a crocodile while swimming in a stream. The animal held a hand and a leg of the child between its teeth.

Following her instinct, Rebecca threw herself into the water, mounted on top of the reptile and  buried her fingers deep in the animal’s eyes until it loosened its jaws. When the animal released Latoya, Rebecca swam with her to the shore where other children helped them out of the water.

“As I was the oldest among the other seven children, I felt the need to save her,” said the little hero. Latoya was taken to a hospital, where doctors reported that she suffered minor injuries and is recovering.

The father of the rescued girl, Fortune Muwani, said he was working when he received the news that his daughter had been attacked by a crocodile while swimming. “For a moment I thought of the worst before knowing that she had survived by being saved by Rebecca,” said the man thanking God.

For his part, local councilor Steve Chisose said that such incidents are becoming common in the area due to problems with the water supply, forcing women and children to use unprotected water sources that are infested with these reptiles.

An 11-Year-Old Girl Jumps On A Crocodile And Rips Its Eyes Out To Save Her Friend Who Was In Its Mouth


Source: Actualidad RT

  1. What an amazing young women! Thanks is not enough, in my opinion, she should receive something grand from her country…

  2. Which I had such a brave friend. Good for her That s What friends are for.

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