Man Arrested For Second Time For Drug Trafficking Was Caught With Skunk Weed Worth $400K In Manaus

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In total, 120 kilos of the drug was seized, that is valued at over $ 400 thousand.

Paulo Roberto Nascimento Gomes, 37, was arrested on the morning of Tuesday (29), with 120 pounds of skunk marijuana. The drug was hidden in a fake wall in the refrigerator of a vessel, in the port of Manaus Moderna, located in the Center, South Zone of Manaus.

According to police, the narcotics is valued at more than $ 400 thousand. The material came from the municipality of Japurá (744 km from the capital) and was intended to supply the “mouths of smoke” of various areas of Manaus. 

Delegate Paulo Mavignier, director of the Narcotics Investigation Department (Denarc), explained that the suspect denied ownership of the drug. However, Mavignier points out that Paulo Roberto was responsible for managing the vessel’s refrigerator, which is why he received a prison sentence. 

“He only had the boat hold lock, he was the manager and everything that happened in that boat space was his responsibility. There is another partner of the suspect, who is on the run, other people on the boat are also being investigated,” he explained. Denarc’s director. 

Paulo Mavignier stressed that the boat was already being monitored after allegations that it was carrying the illicit material.  

“We had already boarded the vessel in Manacapuru, the sniffer dogs signaled something suspicious in the hold, but the place was full of fish and we waited for the right moment to search. The drug was hidden in a false wall that made it difficult to find, the material would supply the drug trafficking points here in the city, “said the delegate. 

At the police station, it was found that the suspect was already caught drug trafficking in 2017. He was charged with the same crime and should be taken to a custody hearing.

Man Arrested For Second Time For Drug Trafficking Was Caught With Skunk Weed Worth $400K In Manaus

Another apprehension 

Following anonymous reports, Tactical Force  staff  seized 134 kilos of drugs on Monday night (28), including cocaine, oxy and marijuana. The event happened around 9:45 pm, at Rua das Guardenias, in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, in the East Zone of Manaus. No one has been arrested.


Source: EMTempo