When I Die I Want To Come Back As A Turtle In This Guys Pond (VIDEO)

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You will not believe what happened. Through Facebook it was revealed the incredible video made by a young man, after throwing bait into a pond.

A recent Facebook video has gone viral in a matter of minutes, since it revealed to us the creatures that emerged from a small pond, after a young man throwing bait into the water. The man goes to feed them and they come to him just as a cat or dog would do when they see us approach them. The peculiar clip did not take long to become a trend in different social networks in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

In the first moments of the recording you can see how the young man reaches his little pond with a plastic bag full of fish (shad) to feed all of his various pets.  He instantly takes one of the small shads and approaches the water, while seeing different black figures swimming in the background he starts calling out the names of all his different pets that reside in the pond.

After a brief moment a turtle emerges from the water and walks up onto the land to devour the food that the young man offered him. He, softly and kindly speaks to all the creatures, calling them by name and he even gets into the pond to make sure each of them gets something to eat, they all continue to approach him excitedly with the rest of his companions to receive more food.

Seeing how friendly these reptiles and fish are, surprised everyone and how calmly the young man continues feeding them and talk to them. The great video went viral after being shared on Facebook, generating all kinds of reactions and comments among thousands of viewers. Some commented about how relaxing it was to watch and hear him speak. 

See the video here:


Source: La Republica