His Pet Escapes From It’s Enclosure Due To Heavy Rains In Thailand They Take Over 40 Minutes To Capture The Huge Beast (VIDEO) 

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The terrifying moment that shows a giant crocodile that escaped from its cage and was ‘face to face’ with a young man from Thailand. The man never imagined that the fierce beast would have a violent reaction that has caused great commotion through all social networks.

The horrific scenes have been shared by some users from Mexico, the United States and Canada. Currently, the viral video on YouTube has more than one million reactions and hundreds of comments on the ‘Viral Press’ page.

How did this happen? According to some details in the viral video, the crocodile escaped from its enclosure floating to the top of the water, after heavy rains occurred. “The killer pet managed to break free when the water level increased after a storm,” reads YouTube.

When the man entered his home he found the vicious animal outside of its cage, which caused panic in the owner of the viral video. Immediately, the owner of the crocodile said he called rescuers so they can catch him.

Several Thai rescue volunteers had to fight with the predator for 40 minutes before they were able to tie him and drag him back to his compound. As seen in the viral video on YouTube, the crocodile could be captured and taken back to its habitat.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a video about the encounter of predators with people goes viral on YouTube or other social networks. 

If you want to see the terrifying encounter that a man with the crocodile had, we invite you to watch the video here…


Source: La Republica