He Encourages A Snapping Turtle To Bite His Hand Without Imagining The Terrible Consequence [VIDEO]

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An Amazing viral video has been shared on YouTube which reveals the consequences suffered by the popular Coyote Peterson, after being bitten by a huge turtle.

The YouTube video has generated great astonishment among thousands of users has gone viral, as it shows the intense moment in which the famous adventurer ‘ Coyote ‘ Peterson, lets himself be bitten by a huge turtle. In particular, the clip did not take long to become a trend on several social networks.

Nathaniel Peterson, also known as ‘ Coyote ‘ is a wildlife educator, who owns a YouTube channel called ‘ Brave Wilderness ‘. In his channel, he shows numerous animals that can be found in nature, and in many cases he allows these animals to bite him to show how the human body reacts to the bites and how you can manage it.

For this reckless adventure, Peterson, accompanied by all his production team, got this gigantic reptile, known as a snapping turtle or by its scientific name: Chelydra serpentina. This animal lives in areas with abundant water and has a powerful bite that helps it to catch his food.

After showing the turtle in front of the camera, ‘ Coyote ‘ Peterson points out the most common methods to act in case one of these specimens bites someone. First he indicated that he has to throw water on his face and if this does not work resort to rubbing alcohol, which is more effective and does not cause any harm to the animal, just a bitter taste in its mouth.

After clarifying this for a few minutes live in the viral video on YouTube, the adventurer finally sums up the nerve to let the turtle chomp one of his hands. The reptile instinctively takes a strong bite and, despite Peterson’s efforts to get it to let go, he does not release it at all.

Between screams of pain and despair on the part of the youtuber, his companions do everything possible to get the animal off, without having any success at the beginning.

If you want to see what happened to ‘ Coyote ‘ Peterson then, we leave the video on YouTube for you to see for yourself. In addition, it is recommended not to imitate these practices, as this man is professional and only performs it for educational purposes.


Source: La Republica