Sharks In Australia Cause A Commotion As To Why They Are Acting In This Strange And Unusual Way (VIDEO)

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They encounter white shark swimming on their backs.

Via Facebook Tourists spotted the shark off the coast of the Neptune Islands, in southern Australia.

On Facebook a video became a trend about a great white shark that bared his big teeth, while some foreigners tried to enter into the sea in a diving cage.

In the images on Facebook you can listen to the experienced guides of the immersion company indicating that it was the first time they have ever seen this behaviour from a shark. Moments later, the shark sticks its head out of the water and bites a part of the boat, while everyone in the audience is amazed.

The Facebook video has more than 3000 likes and has been shared more than 2400 times and has generated all kinds of reactions on social networks.

“I’ve never seen a white shark swimming on its back, it’s amazing, ” said a user on Facebook.

Apparently, this shark would continue to perform the same action, because in the comments of Facebook, you can read that more users have seen it on different days.

“It has not been identified why the shark acted in this way, but we have also seen it showing the same behaviour, very curious, again,” says a user on Facebook.


Source: La Republica