One Of The Happy Endings From Our War On Pollution In The Oceans (VIDEO)

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The happiness of a sea turtle being released from a net in the middle of the ocean.

The video of the small animal was shared on YouTube by the Newsflare channel and caused a sensation.

YouTube hosts hundreds of videos that make us feel satisfaction and joy once once we have finished watching them. This particular video shows the exciting reaction of a beautiful sea turtle that it has been released from a fishing net, who knows how long he was tangled up in?

It begins with the location of the turtle by its rescuers. The scene was all recorded with, apparently, a camera that is attached to his body.

In the following moments you can see how the sea turtle is taken to a boat. There, two men are responsible for cutting the huge mesh netting that imprisoned the animal.


Upon being released, the reptile shakes its small fins without stopping until it is returned to the ocean. Once there, with an unknown direction.

“I am completely moved by the situation, it is a wonderful thing,” said one of the users. Currently, the YouTube viral has more than 434 thousand views .

Source: Mag El Comercio