Tempts Them Out Of Mud Hole With Mint Flavoured Mentos, Toothpaste And Coca Cola (Strange Video)

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Mysterious creatures emerge from the well, after placing ‘Mentos’ and toothpaste in the hole. 

Creepy. The viral YouTube video recorded the exact moment when a young man placed a lot of ‘Mentos’ and grazes inside a mysterious hole to catch fish.

You will not believe it. Thousands of YouTube users were terrified to see the viral video, due to the strange discovery made by a young man, after placing ‘Mentos’ toothpaste and coca cola inside the hole. The strange creatures that inhabited inside emerged from the well left stunned more than one user from countries such as the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

There are not many details about this audiovisual material, shared on YouTube by ‘Amazing animals’; However, that did not prevent it from going viral on social networks and being shared by thousands of people who were shocked to see the images.

As you can see in the video, which has more than 478 million views on YouTube, a young man approaches a small well with several ‘Mentos’ candies and begins to throw them in the hole one by one.

Then the young stars in this viral video on YouTube begins to take toothpaste, which causes water to the mysterious well begin to change colour and something amazing happens thousands left open – mouthed in social networks .

One by one, the strange creatures that lived in said well begin to leave, because they did not support the combination of substances, this was taken advantage of by the young man.

The boy began to take one by one the creatures that came out of the well, which caused all kinds of comments on YouTube, some support him and others criticize him.

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Source: La Republica