Probably Not A Good Idea To Let Your Pets Swim In Water With Killer Reptiles (WARNING: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS SENSITIVE IMAGES)

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A crocodile snatched one of three dogs right in front of its owner. 

The video was published as a warning that at high tide these reptiles are more difficult to perceive.

The Aurukun Indigenous Knowledge Center on Wednesday shared some stunning images that warn of the danger that crocodiles pose in certain parts of Australia, in this particular case on the banks of the Watson River, in Cape York, Queensland state.

In the video you can see three dogs splashing in the water when suddenly a saltwater crocodile appears – the largest living reptile in the world – catches one of them and disappears again under the surface. The other two pets jump and bark while the desperate owner shouts out of the water and regrets the loss of his dog Benny.

“This is a warning for those of you who venture to approach the riverbank, especially at high tide, which is when the crocodiles seem to be more camouflaged, ” the center wrote in his Facebook account.



Source: Actualidad RT