Leopard Seal Emerges From The Ocean To Kill A Lone Penguin With An Unexpected Ending [VIDEO]

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A viral video shared on YouTube shows the terrifying pursuit of a sea leopard who wanted to catch a penguin, whose end left thousands impacted.

Amazing. On YouTube it was released a clip that reveals the shocking persecution of a helpless penguin that ice melt product, fell into the water and had to swim for his life to escape a hungry seal leopard. The surprising clip became a trend in social networks, leaving Internet users stunned in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Penguins are very vulnerable while they are at sea, since there lies their main predator, the leopard seal, also called sea leopard.

These predators take advantage of the penguins reaching sexual maturity, time in which they throw themselves into the water and can catch them. However, that task is now easier for these predators due to global warming.

And because of the climatic effect, the ice melts by separating a large ice base into several pieces that isolate these birds. After separating from the rest of the group, the ice where they are little by little melts having to swim quickly for their life until they reach another piece of ice.

Precisely, on YouTube you can see how one of these birds falls into the sea while its fiercest predator waited for it, which starts a terrifying chase.

After several meters fleeing from the hungry leopard seal, the bird manages to reach a piece of ice, without imagining that the fierce mammal would climb the white mass until it gets close to him.

Thousands of YouTube users were impressed by the intelligence of the bird , who knew that its predator could not reach it because they are good in the water but not outside it, so the bird waited for it to leave and so it happened.


Source: La Republica