He Enters A Live Reptile Enclosure and Records The Unthinkable Scene Under Water [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video shows the experience a daring young man had after entering a pool where a fierce crocodile was, without imagining what would happen.

A shocking viral video on YouTube, featuring a bold man, has caused great commotion in thousands of users of various social networks because of the frightening encounter he had a young man with a giant crocodile. This fact occurred in the United States; However, in countries like Mexico and Canada the publication has turned viral.

As you can see near the beginning of the viral video published by YouTube ‘s Chandler’s Wild Life, the young man who is passionate about predators made the risky decision to enter a crocodile pool, without imagining what would happen inside.

“Catching crocodiles outside the pool,” reads the post that has been broadcast on YouTube. The images show the moment when the protagonist risked his life to capture a potentially dangerous predator.

What would be a voracious attack became one of the scenes never seen before. The guy in the video is an experienced crocodile trainer who showed great ability to do pirouettes with these animals.

“Chandler is a professional to hug the crocodile”, “How cool”, “These animals are very dangerous, I would not trust them so much”, were some of the reactions that viewers had in the YouTube post.

If you want to see the terrifying encounter that a young man had with the fierce crocodile, watch the viral YouTube video here:


Source: La Republica