He Will Not Give Up And Fights To The Death Against Two Bullies To Save His Lunch [VIDEO]

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Video is viral on Facebook. Scientists caught the fierce fight of a crab to save its prey from two eels trying to snatch it.

Through a shocking video that has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube, a group of scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (NOAA) shared the cruel battle between a crab and two ferocious eels for a squid that was being eaten by the crustacean.

The unique recording, which already has thousands of reproductions on Facebook , was recorded at the beginning of September, during an exploration of canyons and underwater mountains in the Atlantic, according to NOAA.

In the images, which soon went viral on Facebook and YouTube, we can see the precise moment when a red crab is feeding on a squid, when an eel arrives unexpectedly to try to snatch its prey.

Seconds later, another eel joins the struggle for the crab’s prey, but this one clings to the crustacean and manages to win the dispute against its competitors.

The incredible images caught the attention of NOAA scientists , who soon shared it on networks, indicating that these events are triggered by the scarce food in the depths of the ocean, which makes the competition to eat brutal among animals sailors

“Food is scarce in the deep ocean, so competition within the food chain can be fierce,” explained NOAA scientists, who did not hesitate to share the images on networks, unleashing various reactions and comments from Facebook and YouTube users.

Watch the viral video:

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