Where Is The Excitement And Calmness Coming From? This Video Is Terrifying! (VIDEO)

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A tourist closely recorded the fierce onslaught of the gigantic shark, which occurred within a diving trip on the coast of Mexico. The video of the unusual fact became a trend after being shared on Facebook.

A gigantic white shark a little over five meters long scared divers of their lives by wildly shaking the safety cage in which they were during an excursion on the coast of Mexico. The incredible scene was videotaped and went viral on social networks like Facebook.

Nancy Lasuzzo, of American nationality, shared on Facebook the material she recorded from the terrifying close encounter with the shark – a female specimen known by locals as ‘Bullet’ (Bullet in Spanish) -, which occurred on the coast of the island of Guadalupe on On October 12, CBS8 San Diego reported.

“I hope this story shows people that one has to respect white sharks, which we don’t necessarily have to be afraid of!” Lasuzzo wrote in his Facebook post. “I feel so grateful for this experience that it only happens once in a lifetime,” she added.

The aforementioned tourist was part of a dive organized by the Island Charters shark diving company when ‘Bullet’ swam directly to the steel cage, which was given more than one bite. Due to its size and strength, the entire structure begins to agitate. The aforementioned company said that fortunately no one was injured.

“’Bullet’ only played with the float located on the top of the cage and suffered no damage, except for a broken tooth. But do not worry that has hundreds of parts! “Quipped company Island Chartes in a subsequent publication of Facebook on the status of white shark.

For his part, John Conniff, owner of Island Charters, told CBS8 San Diego that he was impressed by the size of the shark of the Facebook viral video , adding that it has been the largest he has seen in a long time but does not compare to ‘Deep Blue’ (deep blue and Spanish), a copy of more than 50 years seen in Hawaii measuring 6 meters.

A fact to consider is that white shark females can measure the same as ‘Deep Blue’ and it is estimated that the useful life of this species reaches 70 years or more. They have no known natural predators other than, very rarely, the killer whale (which they also call “killer whale”).


Source: Trome