He Hears Strange Noises Coming From The Bathroom Finds “IT” Hiding Inside The Toilet [VIDEO]

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A young man left thousands of YouTube users horrified after revealing the deadly creature he found while checking the bathroom in his home. The boy was ‘face to face’ with this dangerous creature and was shocked.

Thanks to a recent YouTube post we were revealed the unusual discovery made by a young man, after hearing a series of strange noises coming from his toilet. The subject said that at the time of trying to use this device, he noticed that a strange ‘black ball’ was moving and when carefully checking he found a dangerous creature. The creepy clip was not long in becoming trends in different social networks.

The boy went to the bathroom with the intention to urinate, however, he saw that under the lid of the toilet there was a black mark that was constantly moving. Instantly he decided to take his cell phone and access the camera to record the scene, while trying to discover what it was.

In the first seconds of the video that went viral on YouTube you can see how the boy pulls the lever so that the water starts to run and therefore the creature is shown and the drain arrives. It is at that moment that he realizes that it was a huge black spider that was hiding.

Instantly, the boy is completely terrified, because he realizes the great size and strength of the arachnid because although he made the water flush for the second time, it was able to stay alive and not be carried away by the current, but swam again below the toilet lid.

Watch the YouTube viral video

After seeing this, the boy only managed to remain still and continue recording the terrifying creature. This video went viral after being posted on YouTube, generating all kinds of reactions among thousands of users.

Some of the most prominent comments from the YouTube post were: “What absolute fear. It’s a huge spider,” ” If I see a spider of this size I am burning the house down completely,” ” I can’t believe that a creature of that size has been hiding in the toilet. He could have bitten him, ”among others.



Source: La Republica