First Thought Is Not About The Turtle But Rather WTH Is This Ginormous Thing Doing On A Beach And In The Ocean (VIDEO)

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Who knew? Not me!

Thousands of Youtube users were terrified to see the moment when a giant crocodile emerged from the sea to devour a defenseless sea creature.

You will be shocked. A viral post on Youtube has caused great commotion in thousands of viewers of the platform, due to the terrifying encounter a swimmer had on the Weipa Beach, Queensland, in Australia. The author of the images was stunned to run into a huge crocodile, when zooming in with his phone he discovered that the fierce predator was not alone.

The viral video of Facebook was shared by the ViralHog account, which has registered more than 38,000 copies and hundreds of comments. Also, the publication is a trend in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

What happened? As you can see in the viral video of Facebook, a swimmer who entered a beach in Australia ended up terrified to see that a giant crocodile devoured a helpless turtle.

According to the description of the clip, this happened on October 18. The author of the Facebook viral video mentioned that the crocodile was about 4.5 meters long.

On the other hand, some users wrote: “What stunning images,” “Poor turtle,” “I would never go to a beach there,” reads the comment box on the Facebook post.

If you want to see the terrifying encounter that a vacationer had with the gigantic predator. Here we share the viral video from Youtube that has also been broadcast on the ViralHog channel. Currently, the publication exceeds one million views.


Source: La Republica