A 3 Year Old Child Dead And Others Missing After An Accident On The Island Of Kos In Greece

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A three-year-old boy died today after an accidental crash of a Greek coastguard ship with a boat of migrants and refugees on the island of Kos, in the Aegean Sea.

One person is missing and six others of the 34 who fell into the sea, the Coast Guard reported confirming the rescue of 32 individuals.

Ships from that institution, another private one and from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, along with a helicopter, are still searching the incident area, according to the local newspaper Ekathimerini.

The number of migrants and refugees arriving in Greece has increased in recent months and the authorities are struggling to cope with overpopulation in the camps on the islands, while disagreement continues in the rest of the countries of the European Union on host policies.

The Helena Nation arrived by sea 41 thousand 321 people until October 9, 70 percent more than the same period of the previous year, according to the International Organization for Migration, which amounts to 76 thousand 558 arrivals in Europe to across the Mediterranean sea.

Meanwhile, at least 66 individuals died on the eastern route in attempts to reach the so-called old continent.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recently urged Europe to strengthen the protection of migrant children facing difficult crossings and risks.

He also expressed concern about the conditions in the reception centers in the Aegean Islands, ‘overcrowded and in unsanitary conditions’.

He pointed out that at the end of September the majority of unaccompanied children were in inappropriate accommodation, despite measures announced by that country to alleviate the crisis.

A 3 Year Old Child Dead And Others Missing After An Accident On The Island Of Kos In Greece


Source: Prensa-Latina