Naughty Dog ​​Fearlessly Terrifies A Group Of Huge Marine Mammals At The Boat Docks [VIDEO]

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Via Youtube A dog was at the boat dock with his owner by the ocean, when suddenly he sees some huge animals and acts in the least expected way.

A video shared on Youtube has gone viral and has caused thousands of Internet users to burst out laughing, because it shows the exact moment in which a playful dog, who was by the ocean with its owner, meets a group of sea lions and takes the least thought action. The funny clip did not take long to become a trend in various social networks.

A man decided to get ready to go sailing in a boat with his dog for the first time to see what his reaction would be. For this reason, the man wanted to capture every moment with the camera of his cell phone and then share it on youtube and other Internet platforms.

In the video that went viral you can see how the little dog suddenly sees several sea ​​lions standing on the edge of the boat dock. He then instantly begins to bark at them, for it is the first time he encounters this kind of creatures.

Gradually he approaches the animals, and suddenly the dog decides to run at full speed towards them to scare them away. Immediately the sea lions notice the presence of the hound and begin to moan in terror, because they had not seen such an animal before.

The huge creatures simply jump into the water to find safety, while the dog is left alone on the dock. For its part, the fisherman laughs out loud at the unusual occurrence of his pet.

This video shared on youtube has gone viral, generating all kinds of reactions and comments among thousands of users. Some of the most prominent were: “What a mischievous dog, could have fallen into the sea”, “Poor sea ​​lions, they were so calm there resting”, among others.

Here we leave you the video of the funny scene spread on youtube so you can see it for yourself.


Source: La Republica