What Do You Do With A 900 Pound Pumpkin? Duh, Use It As A Boat!

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The dream of this American was to get a pumpkin of 1000 pounds, about 450 kilos, but he will have to try again next year

Autumn is the time to pick pumpkins and, in addition, the season of the year in which they are sold the most, especially in the United States with the celebration of the Halloween party. But a farmer from Tennessee, in the south of the country, has decided to give another utility to the mega scale that he has grown in his garden.

His name is Justin Ownby and he had a dream: to grow a giant pumpkin. And as his wife Christin explains to CNN, he has been trying to get the 1000-pound pumpkin for the last 4 years, a measure of weight equivalent to about 450 kilos. And this time he has stayed at 910 pounds, which means he has got a pumpkin weighing 412 kilos .

To achieve this, Justin bought a very special seed , from a pumpkin that last year broke a record despite weighing no less than 771 kilos. And to get his giant pumpkin he had to be very aware of it, as his wife points out: “He went out to water it daily, covered it during the heat of the day and made sure that the beetles did not spoil it.”

The pumpkin-boat

Justin needed the help of a neighbour to get on a trailer and weigh it. Then, he emptied the pumpkin to distribute the meat and harvest the seeds and, finally, decided to have fun with his children. Therefore, he put the pumpkin in the pond that the family has in his house and went inside with a paddle to sail for a while.

With his pumpkin he would have won the second prize in the Tennessee giant pumpkin contest, although he could not participate

As seen in the images and videos that Justin himself has uploaded to his Facebook account, he even got to stand on the pumpkin , but ended up falling into the water at the laughter of his family.

Justin could not take the giant pumpkin to the great party that annually celebrates the state of Tennessee, since they had scheduled a trip for those dates, although he had won the second prize with his copy. However, he intends to continue trying to reach his goal, the 1000-pound pumpkin, so that next year he will plant these prodigious seeds again when the month of May arrives.


Source: El Confidencial